The New Way to Get Around Town…

GERING, NE—Scotts Bluff County Public Transportation is pleased to announce a new and improved fixed
bus route transportation system is making it’s way to the tri-city communities. The Nebraska Department
of Transportation (formerly known as NDOR), through the Mobility Management Project, continues to assist
Scotts Bluff County Public Transportation with planning and implementation efforts for the future flexible
bus route system known as the Tri-City Roadrunner.
The Tri-City Roadrunner will offer two separate routes: the Orange Route and the Blue Route. Approximately
130 designated bus stops will be installed along these routes throughout the three communities in order
to accommodate various businesses and residential areas throughout Gering, Terrytown and Scottsbluff.
Beginning January 10th, 2018, these routes will operate Monday through Friday between the hours of
6:30 am and 6:30 pm.
The two fixed bus routes will run North and South every 60 minutes, arriving and departing as determined
by an established schedule. However, the Tri-City Roadrunner will also offer a deviation option that will allow
the buses to deviate 3/4-mile from the fixed bus route.
Several different bus fare options are available to citizens in the tri-city communities. The cost for the base fare is
$2 per one-way trip, while a trip deviation is $3 per one-way trip. Daily and monthly bus fare passes will be made
available to the public as well. A day pass will cost $5, giving the passenger unlimited trips between the hours of
6:30 am and 6:30 pm. Monthly passes are $45 per person for unlimited trips each month for the fixed route
Scotts Bluff County Public Transit department is pleased to partner with the Whiting Signs team to assist
in marketing services for the new Tri-City Roadrunner transit system. Residents will begin to see the new
Roadrunner around town, which will catch the eye of every citizen in the tri-city area. Whiting Signs is
partnering with KNEB and Advertising Specialties Ink to develop marketing materials, ranging from bus
wraps, bus stops, brochures, schedules, and transit awareness videos on the new Tri-City Roadrunner
Flexible Bus Route service.

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