Liberty Mobility Now and Cirrus House Team Up

Liberty Mobility Now and Cirrus House Team Up to Eliminate Transportation Barriers


Partnership Helps Local Transportation Provider Add Wheelchair Accessible Option


(SCOTTSBLUFF, NE). October 17, 2017. Wheelchair users in Scottsbluff now have another accessible transportation option, thanks to a partnership between local transportation company Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. and the Scottsbluff-based non-profit Cirrus House, Inc.


Liberty Mobility Now brought its ride-hailing services to Scottsbluff in May. The company allows customers to schedule transportation on demand via a smartphone app and toll-free call center. Rides can be scheduled up to five days in advance.


This month, the company signed an agreement with Cirrus House that will provide a wheelchair accessible option. Cirrus House operates accessible vehicles as part of its Clubhouse transportation program; through the partnership, Cirrus House drivers will be dispatched to perform wheelchair trips on behalf of Liberty.


Liberty’s first wheelchair trip occurred earlier this month. Pam Burnelis, a Colorado resident, said she had been searching for weeks for a way for her mother, Janice, of Scottsbluff, to attend the wedding of her grandson.


“We were in a desperate situation,” Burnelis said. “My mother is bound to a power wheelchair, and her nursing home informed us they will no longer be offering non-medical transportation. The public transportation system doesn’t run on weekends, and the wedding was on a Saturday. I called everywhere, and could not find an agency that would transport my mother. She was heartbroken.”


When a friend told Pam about Liberty, she decided to call. As it turned out, the timing was right. A representative connected Pam with Liberty’s Panhandle Area Manager, Jann Rouzee—who was just polishing up the agreement with Cirrus House’s Executive Director Brent Anderson.


“It was the perfect way to kick off this new service,” Rouzee said. We were able to transport Janice for our first wheelchair trip to her grandson’s wedding. A few days later, we were able to take her out shopping with her daughter. I thank Cirrus House for collaborating with us on this partnership, which is going to make a big difference for people in our community.”


Burnelis said she was relieved to know that her mother has another reliable option for leaving her home.


“This has answered many prayers for me and my mom. It gives her the independence to get out and have a better quality of life. I don’t live in the area, and it is such a relief that I can just call Liberty if my mom needs to go to the mall, or to visit a friend.”


Anderson said he was pleased to see Cirrus House and Liberty come together to forge a mutually-beneficial partnership.


“Transporting people with disabilities is completely in line with our mission at Cirrus House,” Anderson said. “This relationship with Liberty also allows us to provide our volunteer drivers with an additional source of income, and a way to be out there in the community, gaining work experience serving others. It’s really a win-win.”










About Liberty Mobility Now, Inc.


Liberty Mobility Now, Inc. (Liberty) is the nation’s first rural and small urban Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider and transportation brokering company. We’re on a mission to connect communities and improve lives by implementing efficient, affordable, reliable transportation service wherever there is a need. To accomplish this mission, we forge public-private partnerships, harness the power of technology, and deploy some of the industry’s best drivers. Our top-tier safety and customer service standards set us apart from the competition, and reflect our commitment to individuals and families. Liberty is about everyday mobility—and the freedom and independence that comes along with it.


About Cirrus House, Inc.


Cirrus House, Inc. focuses on providing quality of life and independence for people living with mental illness in the Nebraska Panhandle through providing opportunities for advocacy, housing, employment, education and a peer supported community where members can find belonging and purpose. We are CARF-Accredited and therefore recognized among an international community of programs and agencies delivering superior standards of care and providing excellence in outcomes.


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